My mother always said, “Susanne, you make a production out of everything.” So, Carter Productions was born….

Carter Productions is a husband and wife artistic team made up of Paul and Susanne Carter. Susanne is a modern dancer who creates one-woman shows. Susanne teaches, directs, and choreographs. Paul is a jazz musician and plays guitar.

little-misfit_2Meet Lil Misfit DSC8787Bowlingcharacter

Ms. Carter creates original one-woman shows using themes that touch the human core. She is known for her unique style which blends modern dance with gesture, comedy, text, and music. The result is an eclectic experience brought together into a seamless whole. Her work has been supported by the Kittredge Fund, Gardner Foundation, the Wisconsin Arts Board and Wells Fargo.

Paul is a solo jazz guitarist. He appears frequently with Susanne in her performances and performs locally. His repertoire includes jazz standards appropriate for intimate settings. His reflective and introspective style captures the ear. He seeks out the inherent beauty within the structure of the music. As a technician, his smooth tonal quality gives presence and ambiance.

Paul’s music samples

His latest CD  A Jazz Guitar Christmas was well received.


“Performance art won’t die while Susanne Carter lives.” Robert Richard Jorge, Shepherd Express

“Susanne Carter has done just about everything on stage and backstage in her 25-year Milwaukee career.” Tom Strini, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Carter is a serious performance artist that has learned not to take herself too seriously.” Catey Ott, Shepherd-Express

“In fact, Susanne Carter is so skilled that her theatrical routines seem to just come naturally.” Jim McLoone, 50 Plus News Magazine

“Susanne Carter creates fully-realized characterizations that are entertaining and engaging.” Kansas City Fringe Festival

To book a show or services, contact Susanne Carter.

Bass Musician: Dennis Curley
Costumes: Madam Chino, Suzie Pikofsky
Logo Design: Carol Curley
Photography: Troy Freund
Publicity: Tammy Colavecchi
Editing: Ellen Ash
Sound and Recording Engineer: Dan Gnader, eDream Studios, Inc.
Sponsors: Ginka Cohn, Joan and Louie Crisostomo, Mary Hibbard, Joan Janus, Lora Keller and Dr. DeWan, Karl’s Event Rental, Helen Klimowicz, Kate Mann, Cheryl and Michael Mead, Barb and Dave Reamer, Pam Shy, Carolyn White-Travanti and Leon Travanti, Wells Fargo Advantage Funds, Clark Graphics
Technical Production: Colin Gawronski
Videographer: Derek Keyeski