What People Are Saying…






Class Participants

“Excellent class for all.”

“Your enthusiasm is a Blessing.”

I keep coming back and feel better after it’s over.”

“Love this class.”

“Enthusiasm and energy extraordinaire.”

“This class is like a hug for myself. Well done.”


“The program is valuable every single week.”

“The music motivates me. It’s the best way for me to really exercise.”

“Most helpful- variety of cardio and strength.”


“Artist Susanne Carter is “just doing her art, “just” being who she is.  What a concept.  I’m sure other people will appreciate this show for its graceful and hilarious dancing, its diversity of music, its diversity of costumes, props and other visuals, its diversity of topics within a cohesive overall theme.”   Hope Baugh, www.IndyTheatreHabit.com, Sept. 2, 2008, Indianapolis Fringe Festival.

“Check out the Improscape! This show is an absolute must-see.  It’s Mime meets Modern Dance.  It is an exploration of the self through movement, costume, and character.  Balloons, beach towels, and an amazing moment with a scarf all combine to create a compelling evening. ” Rabid Review, KC Stage/KC Fringe Festival, July 26, 2008

“Performance art won’t die while Susanne Carter lives.”  Robert Richard Jorge, Shepherd Express

“Susanne Carter has done just about everything on stage and backstage in her 25-year Milwaukee career.” 
Tom Strini, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Carter is a serious performance artist that has learned not to take herself too seriously.”  Catey Ott, Shepherd-Express.

“Carter’s brilliant combination of modern dance, comedy, pantomime and text is fused into six lavish scenes.”  Onmilwaukee.com

“This 50- year old dancer is a talented, virtuoso entertaining in what she does.”  Jim McCloone, Fifty Plus Magazine


Your show was so creative and full of variety.  We had never seen anything like this and we’ve been to many New York, Chicago and KC venues.” -Dan Brown, Kansas City Fringe Festival, July, 2008

“Thank you for sharing your life though art.”  Dr. and Lora DeWan

“It was well orchestrated and every component was an integral piece of it.”
Valerie Mead

“Astonishing…Poignant….Touching…..and a real celebration of living.”
Pam Schermer

“What an entertaining, perfect and creative way to tell a story. You truly become the character. Movement was excellent.”  Jill Lemke


“I give you a ‘10’ for talent and effort. It’s a great show.”
Mary Thiemer, Samaritan Center, West Bend, WI

“It was a touching, nostalgic, and artistic performance.”
Carol Hauer, Lake Park Seniors, Milwaukee, WI

“Your energy- WOW!!”
Barbara Lindholm, Cedar Gardens, Cedarburg, WI

Merton Intermediate School 

“Good job getting all kids involved.  You were positive and encouraging.  I like how they got moving and were creative.”  Staff member

Thank you for coming to Fine Arts Day and helping us learn the importance of dance and exercise.  The Interactive dancing was fun and so was the experience.”  Fritz, 6th grade

“Thank you for coming to our school.  I liked what you did.  I also loved dancing.”  Blake

“You let me and my class use our imagination.”  Katie

“Dancing with the class was so fun.  You are spectacular, you’re amazing.”  Devin